EZ-Flex 141
EZ-Flex 47
EZ-Flex 86-75
EZ-Flex 250
EZ-Flex 86  
Complicated drawings and expensive bending tooling are a thing of the past with EZFormable hand-formable cable from EZForm.
The copper-tin composite outer conductor of EZFormable cable provides the same 100% shielding as solid-jacketed semi-rigid, but is easily shaped to your dimensions by hand.
EZFormable 86 and EZFormable 141 can be used with any connectors made for .086" or .141" semi-rigid, providing similar electrical performance without the design and manufacturing headaches.
Ready-made EZFormable cable assemblies from EZForm make your job even easier. You can avoid all the measuring and checking needed to lay out cable assembly shapes form your system-just tell us the total cable length and connectors you need, and install the assemblies when they arrive.
For applications requiring extra abrasion resistance, we can supply assemblies with polyolefin jacketing over the entire cable length.
Let our dedicated assembly facility provide you with ready-made assemblies incorporating your choice of connectors for the ultimate in convenience - simply select the cable you need below to build your own cable assembly online:
EZFormable 141
EZFormable 250
EZFormable 47
EZFormable 86
EZFormable 86-75