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Truly flexible high-performance microwave cable. Let our dedicated assembly facility provide you with ready-made assemblies incorporating EZ-Flex 401, 402, or 405™ and your choice of connectors for the ultimate in convenience—simply order the length you need and install in your system.


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Flexible Coaxial Cables: The Basics

Flexible coaxial cable is a type of cable that is widely used for transmitting high-frequency signals. It consists of a center conductor, an insulating layer, a metallic shield, and an outer insulating jacket. The center conductor carries the signal, while the metallic shield provides protection against interference and signal loss. Flexible coaxial cables are widely used in various industries due to their unique features and specifications.

  • Impedance and Capacitance: Flexible coaxial cables are designed to have a specific impedance and capacitance, which ensures efficient transmission of signals. The impedance determines the resistance to the flow of electrical current, while the capacitance refers to the cable’s ability to store electrical energy. These factors play a crucial role in maintaining signal integrity and minimizing signal loss.
  • Frequency Range and Signal Attenuation: Flexible coaxial cables offer a wide frequency range, allowing them to carry signals across different frequency bands. They are designed to minimize signal attenuation, which is the reduction in signal strength as it travels through the cable. This ensures reliable and high-quality signal transmission over long distances.
  • Shielding Effectiveness and Connector Compatibility: Flexible coaxial cables come with excellent shielding effectiveness, protecting the signals from interference and external noise. The shielding prevents electromagnetic radiation from entering or exiting the cable, ensuring signal integrity. Additionally, these cables are compatible with various connector types, making them easy to install and connect to different devices and systems.

At EZ Form, we offer a wide range of flexible coaxial cables that meet the highest quality standards. Our cables are designed to provide exceptional performance and reliability in various applications. Explore our product catalog to find the perfect flexible coaxial cable for your specific needs.