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Discover a wide range of coaxial delay lines at EZ Form. Our selection includes various lengths and impedance options for your convenience.


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Coaxial Delay Lines: The Basics

Coaxial delay lines are essential components in various electronic systems, providing precise control over signal timing and synchronization. These specialized transmission lines are designed to introduce a specific delay between input and output signals.

The delay introduced by coaxial delay lines is determined by the physical length of the transmission line and the velocity of propagation within the cable. By carefully controlling the dimensions and materials used, manufacturers can create delay lines with precise and consistent delay characteristics.

Benefits and applications of coaxial delay lines:

  • Commonly used in telecommunications systems, such as satellite communication, to compensate for signal propagation delays over long distances.
  • Crucial in radar systems, where precise timing is essential for accurate target detection and tracking.
  • In the field of microwave engineering, coaxial delay lines play a vital role in time-domain measurements, pulse shaping, and phase shifting applications.
  • Also utilized in high-speed digital communication systems, where signal synchronization and skew compensation are crucial for reliable data transmission.

At EZForm, we offer a range of high-quality coaxial delay lines designed to meet the demands of various industries. Our products are carefully engineered to provide excellent performance, low insertion loss, and precise delay characteristics. Explore our selection of coaxial delay lines to find the perfect solution for your specific application.