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EZ Form semi-rigid cable is qualified to MIL-DTL-17 and is listed on the Qualified Products List of the U.S Defense Logistics Agency. Our diverse range of 27 QPL cables includes copper and aluminum jacketed cables in sizes of .034, .047, .086, .141 and .250 diameters. These are available un-plated or with silver, tin, or tin-lead plating.


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MIL-DTL-17 QPL Coaxial Cables: The Basics

MIL-DTL-17 QPL coaxial cables are specialized cables that meet the stringent requirements set forth by the military specification MIL-DTL-17. These cables are widely used in various industries and applications where high performance, reliability, and durability are crucial.

The primary purpose of MIL-DTL-17 QPL coaxial cables is to transmit high-frequency signals with minimal loss and interference. They are designed with a central conductor, insulating material, and an outer conductor, which is usually a shield or braided wire. This construction ensures efficient transmission and protection against electromagnetic interference.

MIL-DTL-17 QPL coaxial cables offer a range of key features that make them ideal for various applications.

  • Copper Conductor Specifications and Performance: The copper conductor used in MIL-DTL-17 QPL coaxial cables is carefully engineered to provide exceptional performance. With precise specifications and high conductivity, these cables ensure efficient signal transmission, minimizing signal loss and maximizing signal integrity.
  • Insulation and Shielding Materials Used: MIL-DTL-17 QPL coaxial cables are designed with top-quality insulation and shielding materials. These materials not only protect the cable from external interference but also enhance its durability and reliability. The insulation and shielding help maintain the signal quality by preventing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).
  • Impedance and Frequency Range Capabilities: MIL-DTL-17 QPL coaxial cables exhibit excellent impedance characteristics, providing consistent signal transmission throughout a wide frequency range. This makes them suitable for applications that require stable performance across different frequency bands. Whether it’s for military, aerospace, or industrial use, these cables can reliably handle various frequency ranges.

At EZ Form, we provide a comprehensive range of MIL-DTL-17 QPL coaxial cables that meet your specific needs. Explore our selection today to find the perfect cables for your application.