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Complicated drawings and expensive bending tooling are things of the past with EZ Form’s Hand-Formable coaxial cable. The copper-tin composite outer conductor of our Hand-Formable Cable provides the same 100% shielding as solid-jacketed semi-rigid, but is easily shaped to your dimensions by hand.


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Formable Coaxial Cables: The Basics

Formable coaxial cable is a specialized type of cable that offers flexibility and shapeability for various applications. It is designed to be easily bent and molded to fit specific installation requirements while maintaining signal integrity.

There are several advantages to using formable coaxial cable:

  • Flexibility allows for easy routing in tight spaces, making it ideal for installations with limited space. This feature also makes it easier to install and connect compared to traditional rigid coaxial cables.
  • Custom Forming gives the ability to shape the cable according to the desired path or contour. This ensures a clean and organized installation, reducing the risk of signal interference or damage to the cable.
  • Performance. Formable coaxial cable also provides excellent electrical performance, ensuring reliable signal transmission.

Formable coaxial cable finds applications in various industries. It is commonly used in aerospace and defense applications, where space is limited, and precise routing is crucial. It is also used in telecommunications, broadcasting, and medical equipment, where flexibility and shapeability are important for efficient installation and operation.

At EZ Form, we offer a variety of formable coaxial cable options that meet these specifications. Our products are meticulously designed and tested to provide reliable performance in diverse applications. Whether you require formable coaxial cable for telecommunications, broadcasting, or any other industry, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs.